sweet sorghum butter shortbread cookies

Sweet Sorghum Butter Shortbread Cookies

Ahhh…sorghum butter. Is there any flavor that could be classified as more Southern? Well, actually there’s a lot of flavors that can be classified as Southern, but this has to be one of our favorites. These melt in your mouth shortbread cookies are great to serve as an appetizer, with a cup of coffee, or… Continue reading →

smoky green chile shakshuka

Easy Smoky Green Chile Shakshuka

Brunch is definitely our favorite mealtime of the week! However, this easy and delicious Smoky Green Chile Shakshuka can be served and enjoyed any time of the day! Let’s face it, eggs are the universal ingredient for many cultural dishes. Eggs cooked in a warm and comforting tomato sauce can be found in many cultures.… Continue reading →

breakfast flatbread with eggs, leeks, and bacon

Breakfast Flatbread with Eggs, Leeks, and Bacon

We have to admit that breakfast is definitely our favorite food group! Who says that it can only be served during a certain time of the day? Breakfast for dinner is quite possibly one of the best things to enjoy. In fact, the flavors of breakfast are so good, that we let those flavors spill… Continue reading →


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