Social Distancing Grocery Guide

Social Distancing: A Grocery Shopping Guide

Shopping for groceries in the age of social distancing can be quite a challenge. When is it okay to go to the grocery store? Should I have my groceries delivered? What meals can I plan for my family when grocery store shelves are empty? Although there are a lot of uncertainties, there are still a few grocery shopping tips that always hold true. So, even though we’re social distancing, I hope this grocery shopping guide will help you better navigate through your home cooking experience.

Social Distancing Grocery Guide

Time needed: 1 hour.

Grocery Shopping Guide

  1. Know Your Audience

    If your family doesn’t normally like to be adventurous and try new ingredients, now might not be the best time to explore. If you know your family loves chicken and broccoli, then these items should be at the top of your ingredient list. Not only will you be providing a familiar comfort through food, you know you’ll be buying ingredients that will be fully utilized.

  2. Make a Plan

    There are certain recipes I know will be eaten in my house. Baked spaghetti, meatloaf, and beef chili are just a few of those recipes. Every time I make these dishes, the leftovers will always be consumed before they go bad. Have at least 2 or 3 of these personal recipes in mind before even putting together your shopping list.

  3. Be Flexible

    Most recipes are completely flexible. One of the most fun parts about home cooking is experimenting with those recipes, in my opinion. Know what your subsitutions are going to be before you place your grocery order. This will save you a lot of anxiety!

  4. Waste Not, Want Not

    We’ve heard this phrase from our parents, grandparents, and sometimes even our great-grandparents. Even though there isn’t a food shortage by any means, personal finances might be strained in the next coming months for households. It is especially important now to make leftover and freezer-friendly food. Know what your leftover strategy is going to be when choosing recipes.

  5. Be Kind!

    A little kindness goes a long way! Since food and cooking are a community effort, think about ways that you can help those around you. Before stockpiling on things that you might not need in the immediate future, consider that there are numerous families shopping behind you. See if your neighbor wants to split the cost of grocery delivery fees and order together. With everything that is out of our control, how we behave and treat others is one thing that we can ALWAYS control.

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