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5 Essential Herbs For Your Patio Garden

Spring is definitely my favorite time of year! The air warms up, the sun shines brighter, and I finally get the chance to plant my annual herb garden. If you are an avid home cook like myself, you already know the importance of having fresh herbs to add to your recipes. However, buying herbs at the grocery store can get expensive, and you might be buying more herbs than you actually need for any given recipe. These essential herbs in your patio garden are incredibly easy to grow, and they will provide you with a full season of fresh home cooking. Be careful to plant your herbs after the frost date in your particular region. Check out Farmer’s Almanac website to see when that date is for you. Keep on planting and Stay Fabulous!

5 Essential Herbs For Your Patio Garden

  1. Flat Italian Parsley

    Flat Italian Parsley is by far the herb that I use the most when cooking at home. Parsley will brighten up any dish when it is added at the end of cooking. It’s also a great addition to many of those delicious homemade sauces. essential herbs patio garden

  2. Rosemary

    Rosemary is probably one of the longest lasting herbs in my garden. It’s evergreen-like needles have a woodsy scent that tastes great with poultry. If you’re looking for an easy way to boost the flavor of that Sunday Roast Chicken, Rosemary is an easy addition.essential herbs patio garden

  3. Thyme

    The tiny leaves thyme add enormous flavor to Italian dishes. I always have some on hand whenever I want to make fresh sauces from those ripe summer tomatoes. Try adding a couple teaspoons of fresh thyme to Italian Sausage, Onion, and Peppers Pasta. Don’t go overboard though. A little thyme goes a long way.essential herbs patio garden

  4. Oregano

    Like Thyme, Oregano is another one of those essential herbs to have on hand in your patio garden. It adds deep flavor to rich sauces and stews. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s high in antioxidants as well.essential herbs patio garden

  5. Basil

    Basil is an incredibly versatile and useful herb to keep in your garden. It can be transformed into a rich pesto sauce to go on your pasta, or you can simply chop it up into a fresh salad. However, I do tend to use a lot of this herb so I have to make sure that I have at least two of these plants to utilize. Note: If you’re Basil starts to flower, make sure that you cut those buds off with some garden shears to make your plant last longer through the season.basil herbs patio garden

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