Are you as hungry as we are?! We thought so. Here you’ll find an ever growing collection of fabulous homestyle recipes, cocktails, and desserts that is constantly expanding. Everything to eat from comforting dinners to fabulous cocktails is on this page. We hope you enjoy trying all of these recipes out. Also, let us know what you think by leaving comments for us. Need some help making these recipes? Check out our new Affiliate Shop for all the best cooking tools and appliances. With some of the best kitchen tools on hand, fabulous homestyle recipes and cocktails are easier than ever!


Looking for some great appetizers, snacks, or small dishes? Well, look no further than these recipes right here! Here you can find some classic appetizers and also some fun twists on your everyday snacks!

Homestyle Main Courses

What’s for dinner? That’s the question that seems to always be on our minds. Here you can find some easy homestyle recipes to add to your collections. We try to balance our recipes from healthy to down home comfort food!

Side Dishes

Well, we know what we’re having for dinner. However, what should we serve it with? Here you can find some fabulous side dishes. Heck…some of these side dishes are so hearty and delicious that they can be served as dinner on their own.

Sweet Desserts

What better way to finish off your recipe collection than with some FABULOUS desserts?! Here are some incredibly easy and delicious desserts that the entire family can enjoy!


We love comfort food, but sometimes we’re in the mood for something a little lighter. These vegetarian and vegan recipes are just the ticket to feeling a little bit lighter in those sneakers. However, don’t be fooled. Just because these dishes are lighter doesn’t mean they are lacking in flavor!

Fabulous Cocktails

Oh, cocktails. Sweet, delicious, and fabulous cocktails. What is the weekend without them, right? Here you can find some fabulous drinks that we love to serve up. Whether it’s a relaxing weeknight on the patio or a high energy weekend with friends, you’ll find the right beverage here!

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